Intelligent Marketing, a new lease of life !

Intelligent marketing techniques add new life to your marketing strategy. Groundbreaking tools are emerging, making it possible for companies to communicate effectively with each of their customers.


Techniques, methods, and tools you need to master

To improve visibility on the web and increase traffic to the site, digital marketing relies on techniques to master. The pillar of the web marketing tool is natural referencing. It is the most profitable traffic acquisition channel for a company. Content marketing is also part of the basics. One should not forget mobile marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and influencer marketing.

A successful relationship marketing strategy

Relationship marketing is a technique that aims to establish a personalized relationship with each of a brand’s customers. Customer relations must be at the heart of the company’s communication strategy. It is important to collect information on its customers, build a database, segment the data, and personalize the interactions. Learn more on

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly present

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly present

Companies are investing resources to make the mobile experience as ergonomic as possible.

Evolving marketing content

marketing content

Content management, as part of a content strategy, is an effective way to improve your brand image.

Marketing automation is essential

Marketing automation
is essential

Marketing automation aims at better targeting prospects and improving the company’s marketing strategy.

marketing products


In the era of the product experience, it is the right time for a company to start and succeed in its digital transition through product information.

PXM and PIM: What is the benefit of product management

PXM and PIM: What is the benefit of product management?

PXM stands for Product Experience Management, and PIM is for Product Information Management. These days, PXM and PIM are management solutions that represent the cornerstone of the enterprise. Do you hope to build customer loyalty, offer products and services that meet their needs, and develop your sales over the long term?


Digital Marketing: What are its key elements?

Digital marketing allows you to be visible and to generate more notoriety. Content marketing, marketing automation, social referencing, newsletters, emailing and emailing as well as social networking are essential for a successful marketing strategy.

Email marketing

Email marketing

A pillar of marketing and the most important direct marketing channel.

The display advertising

The display advertising

Several digital advertising formats, such as banners, pavers, skins, etc…

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

A strategy to optimize the visibility of a website on search engines.

Artificial intelligence at the service of marketing


Artificial intelligence: an asset for marketing

AI is a real asset to improving the marketing strategy of a company. The first objective of AI is to improve customer satisfaction through an optimal product experience. Through the efficient processing of collected data, AI tools will allow you to personalize customer relationships and improve their knowledge through the efficient processing of collected data in order to predict customer behavior and guide marketing actions. Sales techniques should be in line with customer expectations.

AI allows an optimization of the marketing strategy in order to have better support, better segmentation, and to establish a privileged and personalized relationship with each customer.

marketing products


Brands are aware of the potential offered by mobile marketing. But there is still a long way to go in mobile marketing, which is a pillar for the company.

Messages started out simply, but quickly expanded to include content with photos and videos. Brands are launching more and more innovative campaigns to reach Internet users and encourage them to make a purchase.

Social Media Intelligence, use social data!

Social media intelligence is used to collect and analyze a very large amount of social data in order to exploit them in the framework of a marketing strategy, such as market analysis, monitoring, analysis of the company’s competition, and measurement of the social impact.

All the social data collected through a social media intelligence system guides the brand’s actions on the company’s social networks as well as marketing actions outside of this context, such as product policy, price selection, etc. Social networks place communication and marketing in a dynamic of permanent acceleration.

marketing products


Artificial intelligence represents a real challenge for companies in the e-commerce market. It is an asset to face the competition and significantly improve its e-commerce service.

Personalize the customer experience

Personalize the customer experience

Create personalized and meaningful customer experiences, not invasive or maladaptive ones.

Automate the buying process

Automate the buying process

Lead communication, account opening, order taking, shipping, and billing

Re-target prospects

Re-target prospects

Set up techniques to make sure that the product is the one expected by potential business consumers.

A radical change in digitization. What if the future of digital marketing was in the data?